Remote Sensed Hydrographic Data

Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB) is a methodology that allows the estimation of depths in shallow and relatively clear water areas, up to 30 meters. The technique - which uses multispectral images and does not require in-situ data - is based on the propagation of sunlight through the water column; the satellite records the bottom reflectance in different spectral bands, which makes it possible to estimate the contribution of active optical components existing in the aquatic environment and to derive the bathymetry of coastal areas, coral reefs and islands. R SHyD (Remote Sensed Hydrographic Data) is a methodology developed by LS within the scope of the ESA Space Solutions program, which allows obtaining hydrographic information based on SDB techniques, on a global scale and with a short temporal update rate. Its innovative character is based on the fact that it uses medium and high resolution orbital images, as well as aerial photography obtained from UAVs, which allows obtaining high spatial resolution hydrographic information, including the characterization of marine habitats.

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