The collection of spatial data necessary for the elaboration of a topographic chart or map of a given portion of the earth's surface is called topographic survey. Currently, the performance of this discipline is vast in view of the techniques and methodologies employed by it, mentioning the support to civil construction in the scope of large engineering works: bridges, dams, railways and mining, among others.

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Georeferenced Land Surveys
Execution of land surveys in accordance with the official cartographic normalization, using traditional topographic systems and/or satellite positioning systems (GNSS).
Support for Civil Engineering Works
Survey support for engineering works in general (stakeout, volume calculation, displacement control).
Areas and Volume Calculation
Areas calculation for the purposes of land registry update, areas and volume calculation within the scope of engineering works, such as: excavation operations and maritime dredging.
Land Registry Surveys
The purpose of the Registry is obtained through the characterization and identification of the properties and areas of deferred registry existing in the national territory and through the identification of the people who relate to these objects through the cadastral ownership. This service provides for the execution of planimetric topographic surveys as a measure for areas calculation, the position of landmarks and property limit boundaries.
Properties Boundaries
The definition of the geometric position of rustic/urban properties depends on consulting cadastral maps and/or documental elements that characterize a propertie. This service provides for the prior analysis of all this documentation, which is followed by the stakeout of landmarks using precise positioning systems.
Architectural Surveys
Updating/Drawing of building plans, including the representation of facades.
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