The Hydrographic Surveys (HS) comprise a set of operations conducted in rivers, maritime bars, coastal and port areas, to determine depths, in accordance with international recommendations (S-44). In addition to updating nautical charts - essential for the development of safe and efficient maritime transport systems - HS information is essential for the development of bathymetric models for application in environmental, geophysical and engineering studies. To determine the depths, SONAR technology, LiDAR and/or RADAR and multispectral orbital platforms are used.

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Hydrographic surveys with single-beam (SBS) and multi-beam (MBS) systems
Execution of surveys in ports, maritime bars, coastal areas and docks, using acoustic sounding systems, including side-scan sonar.
Support for coastal and port engineering works
Support for maritime works, particularly in carrying out hydrographic surveys for the execution of construction and/or dredging projects.
Dredging control
Execution of hydrographic surveys for work planning and volume calculation, in sea and river dredging and coastal areas nourishment.
SBS and MBS data processing
Computer processing of data obtained using acoustic sounders for cartographic production.
Bathymetric models derived from satellite imagery
This service foresees - through the use of remote sensing techniques - the production of bathymetric models of maritime areas, on a global scale, for planning and studying environmental/engineering projects. To find out more, see the “Remote Sensing” section.
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