Geographic Information Systems

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is defined as an automated system used to process, store, analyze and manipulate geographic data, providing all the resources an organization needs to take advantage of this data and efficiently visualize the information through maps. In the industrial and commercial scope, the use of this technology translates into saving time and money as a result of greater efficiency and better decisions.
Through the use of dedicated techniques, it is possible to perform spatial analyzes and study a given phenomenon, forecast the behavior of these phenomena in places where no direct observations have been made, and use visualization techniques to facilitate the interpretation of the data .

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GIS applications for companies from various economical sectors
Development of specific information systems for the management of activities in the field of commerce and industry, such as agriculture, mining or real estate.
Development of specific GIS tools
Creation of tools or toolboxes using programming languages to solve specific tasks.
WebSIG design
Development and maintenance of WebSig services as a management tool for numerous activities in the economical sector.
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