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LS Engenharia Geográfica is a company in the area of engineering, made up of professionals in the geomatics sector, specialising in the acquisition and editing of geospatial information and the production of cartography for scientific purposes.

About US – LS Engenharia Geográfica

Founded by qualified and certified professionals by FIG and OHI, the core activity of the company is the acquisition, storage, analysis, exploitation and representation of topographic and hydrographic data, with special emphasis on the production of cartography dedicated to the commercial and industrial sectors. The experience of its technical team allows it to respond to the demands of the current market with rigour and professionalism, which is reflected in the compliance with deadlines and in the most complete and detailed final product of the projects executed.

Our Team at LS Engenharia Geográfica

The accumulated experience of several years allows us to ensure rigour and professionalism which is reflected in compliance with deadlines and the most complete and detailed final product of our services.

Luís Sousa

Luís Sousa

Surveying Engineer

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Luís Sousa is a Surveyor Engineer (University of Algarve - PT) and founding partner of LS Engenharia Geográfica. He began activity in the surveying sector in 2013, having participated in a variety of projects in the construction business, particularly in surveying as support for the execution of roads, agricultural, electrical, water infrastructure, among others.

Areas of expertise:

  • Geodesy
  • Land Registry
  • Civil Construction
Cláudio Sousa

Cláudio Sousa

Hydrographic Surveyor

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He studied Hydrographic Engineering at Escola Naval (PT) and acquired advanced knowledge in the field of earth sciences (MSc in Geomatics, University of Algarve – PT) which allowed him to participate in various scientific projects, particularly in the areas of photogrammetry and remote sensing. In Brazil, he participated in projects of an environmental nature, whose activity included rural registration and the production of thematic cartography. In Portugal, in addition to scientific activity, he has performed functions in the field of geodesy, hydrography and maritime works. He has been an associate at the company LS Engenharia Geográfica, since 2019.

Areas of expertise:

  • Hydrography
  • Geodesy
  • Remote Sensing
  • Dredging projects and maritime engineering

Scientific publications:

  • SOUSA, C. (2011). Vectorial 3D GIS of an urban area of the Faro City, Geodesign Summit Europe, September 17-18, 2013, Herwijnen, Netherlands.
  • PRATES, G., SOUSA, C. (2014), Assessment of Photogrammetric Techniques for Rock-Glaciar Creep (South Shetlands - Antarctica), 6ª Conferência Polar Portuguesa, October 30-31, 2014, Porto, Portugal.
  • SOUSA, C., ALMEIDA, A. (2016), Utilização de técnicas de deteção remota na identificação de áreas seguras para a navegação: caso da Ria Formosa, Jornadas do Mar 2016, novembro 8-11, 2016, Escola Naval, Lisboa, Portugal.
  • SOUSA, C. (2018), Utilização de imagens multiespectrais no apoio a obras marítimas: reforço do cordão dunar da Ilha de Tavira/Praia do Barril. 5ªJornadas de Engenharia Hidrográfica, junho 19-21, 2018, Lisboa
Sonia temp pic

Sónia Fernandes

Project Manager

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She has higher education in business management, specialization in Quality, Environment, Safety, and Sanitation at Workplace and Social Responsibility, and MBA in Management. Also attended Masters in Management, Economy, and State Policy.

Sónia has 15 years of professional experience in the area of Civil Construction, State Investments and in Financing Projects (Community Funding) in various sectors of activity at the private, public and associative levels, working on important projects at national and international domain. She is also a business trainer and speaker at national universities.

Areas of expertise:

  • Management
  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Workplace Sanitation
  • International markets
  • Community projects
Guilherme Rocha

Guilherme Rocha

Geologist Engineer

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Guilherme Schiefferdecker Rocha is a Geological Engineer (Federal University of Pelotas, RS – BR) and has developed professional experience as a specialist in Geographic Information System and remote sensing in projects for the structuring of biomass cogeneration plants in Pará-BR, covering the evaluation of more than 500,000 hectares and definition of new suitable locations for the installation of the pre-operational plant and agricultural implementation of biomass.

He also worked in micropaleontology laboratories, studying fossil guides for the oil industry.

Areas of expertise:

  • GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Topography
  • Mining
  • Geology
  • Geotechnics
Paulo Guerreiro

Paulo Guerreiro

Mechanical Engineer

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Paulo Guerreiro is a Mechanical Engineer (University of Algarve – PT) with over sixteen years of professional experience as a project designer and project manager in the field of mechanical installations in civil construction, having acquired international experience, particularly in the area of natural compressed gas storage and hydrogen. Currently, he develops his work as an independent engineer in Faro. He collaborates in the management of projects, selection, and supervision of subcontractors and suppliers, management of on-site teams, technical supervision of the works, technical advice, optimization, and cost control strategies.

Areas of expertise:

  • Project management
  • Computing applied to engineering
  • Physics
  • Numerical methods
  • Maintenance of electrical/electronic equipment
Moisés Lemos

Moisés Lemos


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Oceanographer (University of Vale de Itajaí, SC – BR) with a specialization in Hydrography (Hydrographic Institute – PT), has a very diversified and international work experience, essentially collaborating in the preparation of environmental plans and inspections, hydrographic surveys and studies of maritime/river hydrodynamics. He currently works in the field of prospecting for gas and oil in maritime areas.

Areas of expertise:

  • Hydrography
  • Maritime works
  • Modelling of sedimentary transport in marine/river environments

Scientific publications:

  • LEMOS, M., VEIGA, L., CALDAS, B. e BONANATA, R., Obras de contenção do enchimento artificial da Praia da Nicha - Luanda. 5ªJornadas de Engenharia Hidrográfica. Junho 19-21, 2018, Lisboa.
Julio Borba

Julio Borba

Marine and Coastal Manager

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Julio has a BSc in Law (Universidade Católica de Pernambuco - Brazil), then took a BSc in Marine and Coastal Management at University of Algarve, and has dedicated the past few years to the practice of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, with data from satellites and drones.

Julio has carried out a research project with the renaturalisation of saltmarsh areas for the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA). He also structured an artificial intelligence software for the detection of dune and saltmarsh vegetation for the Centro de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental (CIMA – UAlg).

Currently, he has been specialising in the use of drones for the most diverse areas, especially in topography, 3D models and precision agriculture.

Areas of expertise:

  • GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Aerial Imaging (Drones)
  • Territorial Planning
  • Topography

    Industrial Partnerships

    Constantly striving for excellence, LS Engenharia Geográfica maintains a strong relationship with a network of specialist partners in various industry sectors.

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    Institutional Partnerships

    Our collaboration with various institutions and participation in international research programmes ensures that our services and products are always at the highest level of a technological development process.

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    Technological Partnerships

    We always seek the most modern and efficient technological resources on the market, resulting in significant gains in productivity and efficiency.

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