Laser Scanning 3d – Algés

10 Nov 2023

The Laser Scanner continues to revolutionize our topographic surveys and has allowed us to deliver extraordinary results to our partners. With each job, true digital replicas of all existing elements on the ground and infrastructures have been created, providing even more accuracy and precision. In the video we present some of this week's work, in Lisbon, where we carried out architectural and topographical surveys of centuries-old buildings, located in riverside areas. These buildings will soon be subject to architectural renovations, and the data obtained allows the creation of 2D and 3D representations of their interior and exterior spaces with extreme precision.

Laser Scanning 3d

Other Projects

Levantamento Hidrográfico em Faro

Hydrographic Survey in Faro

: The characterization of shallow and dangerous areas in navigation channels is the main purpose of hydrographic surveys, which are also very useful in various fields of science, particularly in geological oceanography, in which phenomena related to hydrodynamics and sedimentation are studied.

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Construção de Parque Solar no Mar Shopping

Construction of Mar Shopping Solar Park

Survey support for engineering works in general is one of the main areas of activity of LS Engenharia Geográfica. In this type of work, the specifications are usually demanding in terms of land survey techniques and calibration of the equipment used, whether in high-precision leveling or positioning.

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Deteção Remota de Faixas Combustível

Remote Sensing in vegetation management

Portugal's geographical situation, vegetation type and global climate situation have dictated a new era with regard to environmental and social catastrophes, particularly forest fires, which makes it essential to implement a forest defense strategy.

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