Geometry of bridges in the Arade Basin

21 Jul 2023

Hydrographic surveys in the Arade Basin

Under the contract signed between the public company Águas do Algarve SA and the LS Engenharia Geográfica, during the months of March 2023, geodetic surveys of road infrastructure (bridges) over the Odelouca and Arade streams were carried out.

These works fall within the scope of the FLOODS project – New tools for the prevention, alert, coordination and management of Emergency Floods at local level, co-financed by the European Program – Atlantic Area; an application that aims to produce and test new tools, plans and regulations that improve the management and response to flood situations in the hydrographic region of the Algarve. 

3D Topographic Data Acquisition for Hydraulic Simulations

The specifications for this work provided for the acquisition of 3D topographic data from 6 bridges, through the use of appropriate tools and techniques for a detailed and precise knowledge of the elements, in order to integrate hydraulic simulations.

Photogrammetry, often used in surveying, allows you to create topographic maps or drawings based on the real world. The process involves capturing superimposed photographs of an object, structure or space, from which 2D or 3D digital models are created. In this particular case, a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) equipped with a high-resolution digital camera and a GNSS-RTK positioning system was used to capture geo-referenced images. The use of this equipment and the subsequent digital processing of the images obtained allowed the creation of 2D and 3D models with a horizontal and vertical positioning accuracy better than 0.02 meters and a high level of detail.

Alcado Jusante Ponte Silves
Cross section of the Silves Bridge, on the projection of points on the plane.

Ponte Sto. Estevao
Representation of the image capture plans on flight, on the sto. Estevão bridge.
3D model of the Roman Bridge (Silves) obtained from stereo restitution

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