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Under current data protection legislation, the company "Luís M. Sousa & Cláudio Sousa, Lda." is the person responsible for the processing of the data requested from the customer whose purpose is the Commercial Relationship within the scope of one or more products to be contracted (identified below) between the customer and the company, which is the lawfulness for the processing of the data requested from the owner and made available by you:

  • Execution of topography works;
  • Application for community fund projects;
  • Hydrography;
  • Engineering;
  • Architecture;

"Luís M. Sousa & Cláudio Sousa, Lda." whose VAT number is 515 618 136, with registered office where Rua do Alportel, nº 176 1º C, 8000-291 Faro, informs the following:

a) At any time, the client has the right to request the data controller to access their data and the right to rectify them if necessary. Right to Information on how data is managed. Has Right of Opposition and Right to Limitation of Treatment. "Luís M. Sousa & Cláudio Sousa, Lda." It has the right to automated individual decisions that "Luís M. Sousa & Cláudio Sousa, Lda." come to develop. The holder has the right to portability and the right to erase their data after the contract is completed, except billing data that is retained for ten years for tax compliance;

b) The website uses cookies to track and analyze visits to its website. For this purpose, the Google® Analytics service has installed a third-party service that processes personal navigation data ( The information collected helps us optimize the website's content, navigation, layout, and performance to provide a better user experience. Temporary cookies do not have an expiration date, remaining in the browser only until you leave the site, and are eliminated when you close the browser. Permanent cookies are stored on the device until they are deleted, or their expiration date expires. Under no circumstances is information stored in cookies that allow for your identification. Likewise, cookies are not used to show you advertising. You can choose not to receive cookies, or manage them by accessing your browser settings, usually shown in the "Options", "Preferences", "Advanced" or "Help" tab, for example. At no time will the blocking of cookies prevent access to the website

c) The data requested from customers are retained by "LS Engenharia Geográfica" for two months after the end of the commercial relationship, except billing data which we keep for ten years;

d) The process of destroying financial and Human Resources documents is done by shredding, in a separate shredder with P-3 security level, under DIN 66399 Protocol. The paper is cut into 6 mm strips;

e) As for the data created and developed by "LS Engenharia Geográfica", within the scope of the product(s)/service(s) contracted and identified above. This data - such as the plants and projects that stand out of hydrography, engineering projects, topography works and architecture projects - are retained for 20 years. Unless otherwise indicated by the client or a demolition/collapse/alteration of the property that leads to its inexistence or physical alteration, this data is not relevant for statistical or historical purposes.

f) "LS Engenharia Geográfica" is committed to the Confidentiality of personal data requested from customers. Therefore "LS Engenharia Geográfica will always take the technical and organizational measures to comply with the Regulation. Ensuring that data processing is lawful, loyal, transparent and limited to the legal purpose of the contracting mentioned above. "LS Engenharia Geográfica" adopts the appropriate measures to ensure the Integrity of the requested data, as well as the Privacy of its holders;

g) Internally, customer data is processed by members of management, administrative services and service providers;

h) LS Engenharia Geográfica" designated as EPD/DPO, Antonieta Guerreiro, who can be contacted on 965 892 011 and by email:

i) Within the scope of subcontracted services, "LS Engenharia Geográfica" may transfer data to countries of the European Union, the European Economic Area and third countries, to fulfil the legal purpose of the contract and in the interest of the holder, always ensuring the compliance with the data protection regulation in force;

j) The data requested by "LS Engenharia Geográfica" from its customers are:

  • for topographical, hydrographic, engineering and architectural works: name; NIF; household; telephone; email; land register number, land registry and respective councils, districts and parishes, cadastral section and matrix article;
  • to apply for community funds: name; NIF; household; telephone; email address and permanent certificate number;
  • create a customer record in the Online Store, the email address and password are required;

k) Subcontractors for the following technical services may also have access to customer data:

  • "Pedro Caceiro", a sole proprietor who provides accounting services;
  • "Toconline", a computer program for managing customers and invoicing, owned by the Certified Accountants Association;
  • "PCOnsite" is the brand managed by PixelChoice hired as the server responsible for hosting the website and the respective company emails. The server is hosted by the company PTISP (Almouroltec – Serviços Informática Internet, Lda., headquartered at Est. Nacional 3 Constância - 250-028 Constância – Santarém), headquartered in Portugal. PCOnsite, subcontracted by "Luís M. Sousa & Cláudio Sousa, Lda." has remote access to all encrypted information on the accommodation which is on the server, with all the hard and software features required to safeguard and comply with the requirements of the RGPD;
  • "Welovebrands", the company that manages Amarca, which is responsible for creating the web design. Welovebrands only uses the space provided by PixelChoice to build the website. As a measure of good practice, Welovebrands does not have access to personal data placed, either on Whatsapp or on the website. As for the Online Store, if the user leaves their data recorded in the online store, either by creating the customer record or when finalizing the purchase, Welovebrands may have access to the data through the backoffice;
  • "Google Drive" Ireland-based virtual data storage accommodation;
  • Antonieta Guerreiro, individual provider, within the scope of the RGPD with the functions of Data Protection Officer, who may have access through Consultation to the customer's name in the context of periodic audits;
  • The services and products we provide in ​​topography, architecture and engineering, maybe be subcontracted to external parties when necessary. Namely companies (Martieng Engenharia; PBG Engenharia; Tecnonexe Arquitectura; Pedro Martins Topografia; Geostuding), and entrepreneurs in individual or unipersonal name (Ricardo Soares; João Jesus and Isabel Guia).

Luís M. Sousa & Cláudio Sousa, Lda.

"LS Engenharia Geográfica"

Faro, 1 de Setembro de 2021*

Data da última alteração e atualização à Politica de Privacidade 04 Agosto 2021

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