Privacy Policy

Under current data protection legislation, the company “Luís M. Sousa & Cláudio Sousa, Lda.” is the person responsible for the processing of the data requested from the customer whose purpose is the Commercial relationship within the scope of one or more products to be contracted (identified below) between the client and the company, this being the lawfulness for the processing of the data requested from the holder and made available by him/her:

  • Topography;
  • Hydrography;
  • Engineering;
  • Architecture.

The invoicing details of "LS Engenharia Geográfica" are: "Luís M. Sousa & Cláudio Sousa, Lda." whose VAT number is 515 618 136, with its registered office at Rua do Alportel, nº 176 1º C, 8000-291 Faro.

"LS Engenharia Geográfica" informs the following:

  1. At any time, you have the right to ask the data controller for access to your data, as well as the right to rectify it if necessary. You have the right to information on how your data is processed. You have the right to object and the right to restriction of processing. The data subject has the right to portability and the right to erasure of their data once the contract has ended, with the exception of billing data which is retained for 10 years for tax compliance;
  2. The website uses cookies to track and analyse visits to its website. To this end, it has installed the Google® Analytics service, a third-party service that processes personal browsing data ( The information collected helps us to optimise the content, navigation, layout and performance of the site so that we can provide a better service. Temporary cookies do not have an expiry date and remain on the browser only until you leave the site, being deleted when you close the browser. Permanent cookies are stored on the device until they are deleted or their expiry date expires. Under no circumstances is any personally identifiable information stored in cookies. Similarly, cookies are not used to show you advertising. You can opt out of receiving cookies, or manage them, by accessing your browser settings, usually in the "Options", "Preferences", "Advanced" or "Help" tabs, for example. At no time will blocking cookies prevent access to the website;
  3. The data requested from customers is retained by "LS Engenharia Geográfica" for two months after the end of the commercial relationship, with the exception of billing data which is retained for 10 years;
  4. Financial and Human Resources documents are destroyed by shredding in our own shredder with security level P-3 in accordance with DIN 66399. The paper is cut into 6 mm strips;
  5. As for the data created and developed by "LS Engenharia Geográfica", within the scope of the product(s)/service(s) contracted and identified above, this data - of which hydrography plans and projects, engineering projects, topography work and architectural projects stand out - is retained for 20 years, unless otherwise indicated by the client or if there is a demolition/fall/alteration of the property that leads to its non-existence or physical alteration and if this data is not relevant for statistical or historical purposes;
  6. LS Engenharia Geográfica" is committed to the confidentiality of the personal data requested from clients, and therefore the necessary technical and organisational measures will always be taken to comply with the Regulation, guaranteeing that the processing of the data is lawful, fair, transparent and limited to the legal purpose of the aforementioned contract. LS Engenharia Geográfica" adopts the appropriate measures to ensure the integrity of the data requested, as well as the privacy of its owners;
  7. Internally, customer data is processed by members of the management and administrative services;
  8. Within the scope of subcontracted services, "LS Engenharia Geográfica" may transfer data to countries of the European Union, the European Economic Area and third countries, with the aim of fulfilling the legal purpose of the contract and in the interest of the holder, always guaranteeing compliance with the data protection regulations in force;
  9. The data requested by "LS Engenharia Geográfica" from clients is: name; VAT number; address; telephone number; email address; land registry number, land registry and respective municipalities, districts and parishes, cadastral section and matrix article.

Luís M. Sousa & Cláudio Sousa, Lda.

“LS Engenharia Geográfica”

Faro, 21st September 2023