Cooperation with ESA in space race

The Algarve company LS Engenharia Geográfica, based in Faro, signed a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) for the development of projects, in the next two years, within the scope of geospatial engineering.

LS Engenharia Geográfica revealed, in a statement, that it will receive technical and financial support from ESA for the development of terrestrial observation services, globally, one of which foresees the creation of software and specific hydrographic information systems for the study of coastal strips and support for maritime navigation in areas not covered by official nautical cartography.

"This type of programs, in addition to promoting the business relationship between award-winning startups, will encourage the transfer of technology and capital to our region, catapulting it across borders, at the highest level of engineering," he said in a statement. the farense company.

Selected under ESA Space Solutions

LS Engenharia Geográfica was one of the European companies selected at the end of 2020, within the scope of ESA Space Solutions, a program to support the development and growth of startups connected to geospatial technologies.

Headquartered in Faro, the algarvian company specializes in the production of digital cartography, with a focus on terrestrial and maritime environmental protection and, since 2019, in addition to the partnerships established with universities, it has made investments in the areas of scientific and technological research, becoming a pioneer in the Iberian Peninsula in the creation of new terrestrial observation services using satellites. Like NASA, in the United States of America, ESA is an intergovernmental organization made up of 22 member states, with an annual budget of 6.7 billion euros, dedicated to space exploration, constituting itself as a gateway. Europe's access to space and its mission is to plan the development of its capabilities.

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