7th Edition Jornadas Engenharia Hidrográfica

8 Jul 2022 | Announcements

7th Edition Jornadas Engenharia Hidrográfica

The 7th edition of the Jornadas de Engenharia Hidrográfica - 2ª Jornadas Luso-Espanholas de Hidrografia took place between 21 and 23 June at Instituto Hidrográfico, in Lisbon. LS Engenharia was not only present, but also took on the role of speaker on the subject of "Satellite-derived bathymetry: a new tool for producing nautical cartography".

As part of the World Hydrography Day, which was celebrated on the 21st of June, these Conferences assume themselves as a space destined to the scientific community, to the debate of ideas, themes and new approaches related to hydrographic engineering and the areas that intersect and interact with it.

Our intervention, carried out by Cláudio Sousa and André Matos, took place through the 2:15 pm on the same day, within the scope of an application submitted for this purpose, which led us to present orally the theme we set out to lead. One of our main objectives with this oral presentation was precisely to promote our work with the Portuguese Navy and other institutions and oficial entities related to the sea, who were also be present at the event.

Other topics covered in this edition of the event passed through areas such as hydrography, cartography, navigation safety, maritime services, oceanography, marine geology, marine chemistry, sea pollution, sea technologies and the geospatial data infrastructures of the sea.

The complete program of the 7th edition of the Jornadas de Engenharia Hidrográfica can be consulted here.